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Summer 2019


God continues to provide our needs for the Center and we have been able to pay our bills on time for 13 years. Last week a local church blessed us with a diaper drive and delivered almost 2,600 diapers. We had a person who came in with a check to cover our needs, amazing and very encouraging. We as a team, with your continual prayers and financial support, have been an enormous blessing! We continue to need prayers for our continued health, God’s wisdom and strength.

A young woman came into the Center for a pregnancy test, she read the results which came up “negative”, she breathed a sigh of relief knowing she would not be forced to have another abortion or be homeless. As we continued to talk, she mentioned that she was forced to have two abortions or to be evicted if she gave life to her unborn child. In our continued discussion it was mentioned that we have a Bible study could help with her hurt emotions and guilt and letting her know God has a plan for her life and she is loved. Your prayers enable us to have the wisdom we need to help our clients and are greatly treasured.

Another person had some concerns with depression. God recently provided a book full of quick references of scripture which we provided to her, since she refused to go for professional counseling. She called us three weeks later informing us that those scriptures were helping her. God’s Word is true and prayers work!

A big shout out to the teenagers who came in and helped in the resource room.

The Staff and Volunteers of RVPRC